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When Primus develop a new stove they focus on how this stove can best meet a specific need or be used in a specific situation. The desire to improve efficiency, reliability and flexibility is the driving force behind new technology.

No matter which stove you choose, you can rest assured that it will work when you need it the most.

Primus stoves undergo rigorous laboratory tests where they are subject them extreme cold, heat and wind, and have also been approved by test institutions around the world. Liquid fuel stoves These stoves are designed for people who are looking for utmost reliability in extreme conditions. Stove weight is minimised without compromising on performance. And as the stoves are designed with a small number of easy to replace parts, they can be maintained in the field. In addition to gas, the stoves can run on most liquid fuels, which are preferable in extreme cold and remote locations where gas can be difficult to get hold of.

• extremely robust • developed for use in both extreme cold and burning desert heat • simple to maintain in the field • suitable for both gas and liquid fuels Gas stoves In this category you will find light and efficient stoves that are simple to use, perfect for camping trips and extended treks. Low fuel consumption makes them ideal for long journeys and means less fuel to carry in your backpack. The gas fuel makes for safe handling and clean, soot-free combustion.

• designed for longer trips • light to carry and simple to use • fuel efficient

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