Elite Mountain Supplies has the largest selection of snowshoes in the UK. A comprehensive range of MSR and TSL snowshoes are in stock to suit any winter adventure. As a UK company all our stock is kept in our UK warehouse so we can ship your snowshoes for next day delivery.

The new series of MSR snowshoes are the first choice of professionals, Alpinists and everyday explorers alike–anyone needing to get from point A to point B, regardless of what lies between. MSR snowshoes offer an unbeatable, lightweight combination of unrelenting traction, bombproof reliability and the exclusive adaptability of our Modular Flotation, you can count on MSR snowshoes to get you there—where ever 'there' may be

TSL Snow Shoes.

Leader and snowshoes specialist for over 30 years, TSL has developed an assortment of snow shoes to offer you the beauty and sense of freedom of the outdoors. Experience the joy of making your own path in TSL snow shoes. With advanced quick release and comfortable bindings and lightweight frames the TSL range is ideal for snow-trekking adventures and winter holidays.

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MSR Lightning Flotation Tails 5


RRP: £50.00

Save 15.00%

MSR Evo Tails 6


RRP: £35.00

Save 15.02%

MSR Revo Tails


RRP: £45.00

Save 14.99%

TSL Expedition GRIP 305 Snowshoes


RRP: £175.00

Save 17.14%

TSL Expedition GRIP 325 Snowshoes


RRP: £175.00

Save 14.28%

MSR Evo Snowshoes


RRP: £150.00

Save 13.34%

MSR Revo Explore Women's Snowshoes


RRP: £200.00

Save 15.00%

MSR Revo Explore Men's Snowshoes


RRP: £200.00

Save 15.00%

MSR Revo Ascent Women's Snowshoes


RRP: £229.00

Save 23.58%

MSR Revo Ascent Men's Snowshoes


RRP: £229.00

Save 14.85%

MSR Lightning Ascent Snow Shoes 22


RRP: £259.00

Save 20.85%

MSR Lightning Ascent Snow Shoes 25


RRP: £259.00

Save 15.06%

MSR Snowshoe Maintenance Kit


RRP: £15.00

Save 10.00%

MSR Snowshoe Bag


RRP: £28.00

Save 14.27%

MSR Standard Strap Keepers


RRP: £3.00

Save 10.00%

20 Results